Although manufacturing methods have changed over the years, Kame Mannen's passion for craftmanship still remains, evident in every piece. For years Kame Mannen has been at the cutting edge of new material technology. Skillful combination of titanium frames and gold plating were first developed by Kame ManNen in Japan.  

Founder Shigeru Wakabayashi believes in the timeless, good-old and his brand thus stands in constrast to the fast-paced and trend-driven world of today.

The name “KameManNen” is derived from an old Japanese proverb, meaning “Turtle (lives) ten-thousand years”. The turtle as the company symbol expresses the attributes Shigeru defined for the brand – humbleness, longevity and timelessness. 

KameManNen values understatement. Money is not invested in marketing but back into the product to keep the highest standard of quality. To name an example that illustrates this: Kame Mannen sticks to the traditional, costly and time-consuming method of making acetate temples that prevent the acetate to move with time. 

This refusal to compromise on product quality necessarily leads to a small selected distribution.